Becoming an Artist – Year1 – Going from Value to Color (Video 2)

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June 8, 2014
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August 16, 2014


Second video in the Becoming an Artist series, going through the next few months of my first year. After spending some time on value I begin trying to understand color. This was a huge challenge for me. I was never interested in color, I never cared about design, fashion, painting, art, cinema, nothing visual, ever… I didn’t even know the names of most colors until a few years ago. I knew the primaries and some secondary ones, that’s about it. I had no idea of the common technical names or even the popular everyday names for colors, like let’s say lavender or turquoise. That was my level of understanding when I was starting out. Having to juggle value, which I could barely work with, get accurate shapes, which I’m incredibly insensitive to and on top of that have to choose the correct hue, saturation and keep temperature in mind… are you kidding? I can’t even name the color I can’t mix!

So that was my background in color understanding and color theory. I read a book on it before I started actually… It improved my knowledge by about 3%. Not the book’s fault, it was my approach that was bad. Drawing and painting, I actually think no skill at all, is learned from books and by theory only. Application and constant practice is what sensitizes your brain to the minute variations you are trying to train it to perceive. I always stress how little training and appreciation I had for every aspect of art, not for any other reason, but to have you believe that if my desensitized brain can be retrained and grasp things I couldn’t even see if you mushed them in my face, then so can yours.

Another thing I do in the tutorial is I return to value after about a month or 2 of practising color, I’m returning to it to tackle more complex problems in grayscale, now that color has taught me to observe things more closely and I’ve  had some more training in observing shapes accurately.

If you’d like to speed up the video google -html5 youtube- if you change your player from Flash to html5, you’ll be able to speed up any video on YT to 2x the speed. Enjoy and I hope it helps someone.




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  1. Arsugan Wijayanathan says:

    how did you begin learning about value, because it took me a month to learn perspective from the Scott Robertson book but i don’t know what i can do to even start learning values.

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