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COMPLETED + TUTORIAL : 5 Day Car Challenge ā€“ Perspective Drawing
March 11, 2014
Becoming an Artist – Year1 – Theory vs Practice (Video 1)
May 4, 2014
Van Gogh Study can anyone become an artist

Van Gogh Study


When I first started my blog last year, I wanted it to not just be about me. I wanted it to not just be a another place for image dumping, tons of unfinished studies and just any random thing I’m doing. I wanted it to be a place where people can come to and see a process of transformation. I want to show the process of improvement as a clear route that anyone can follow.

When I was first starting out, and I still do this from time to time, I found all the pros I possibly could with deviantart accounts and digital sketchbooks and I’g go through them from beginning to end, trying to see what their process of improvement was like. I wanted to see if they struggled with the same things I did. The answer to that, after having gone through hundreds of different artists’ work is a definite…YES. The choppy value transitions, the uncontrolled compositions, the problems with perspective, the muddy colors… It’s all there, everyone has struggled with the same exact problems and the process of improving was always the same – reflection and more work. I’d never seen anyone start off as late as I have though, nor with such an unpromising start. So I wanted to share this with you guys, to hopefully inspire you with the fact that the road is the same for everyone and anyone can walk it no matter what speed you’re going at or what point in time you decided to go down that route.


  1. Very inspiring! Keep it up!

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