The Torments of Time
The Torments of Time
October 8, 2013
December 4, 2013


I met a man today and asked him what his dream was. So he told me.

He told me about the things he wants to do. He told me how great it would be to be able to do this and that…

Then he told me how difficult it was, how great the competition is, how hard it is to get a job, how he’d have to move to a different city, how he’d have to abandon his friends, how his wife wouldn’t want to live in another place, how he’s too old, how he doesn’t have the education, how his family would miss him…
He told me how every few months he would spend 3-4 hours working on something, then would drop it and not do anything for another few months.

He told me how it’s impossible. And I believed him. Then he moved on and started talking about something else, and that moment right there was the death of a dream. When you convince yourself that there’s no point in trying, when excuses become easier and more convenient than actions, when you’re ready to defend the things that will make you fail, but not think of a single thing that will make you succeed – that’s the death of a dream. When you say no to yourself, laugh it off and move on as though you were just asked the most trivial question, that’s the death of a dream.

Dreams in sleep come effortlessly, but they only last for the duration of sleep, then they are lost. Dreams in life are built of actions and they last for your whole waking life, sometimes even longer.

Ironically what this man wanted to do is very similar to what I want to do. When he said it was impossible – I believed him. But when I went home that day I went to work on what I believe in, without questioning whether it’s possible or not.


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