Night March, 2021, Click image for more shots


Mansion Garden, 2021, Click image for more shots


Widow's Mansion, 2021, Click image for more shots


White Temple Pilgrims, 2021, Click image for more shots


Pike Street & 6th Avenue, 2021, Click image for more shots

Fallout - Desert Hotel & Casino, 2021


Through The Swamp, 2021, Click image for more shots

The Greek Antiques Shop, 2020

Medieval Village, 2021


Anybody Home & Midnight, 2021, Hover for alternate image

Meditation, 2016


The Temple, 2021, Hover for alternate image


The Cave, 2021, Hover for alternate image

Through The Forest, 2021

Chinese Antiques - Abandoned, 2020, Hover for alternate image


Church Outpost - Abandoned, 2020, Hover for alternate image


I Am Legend - Robert Neville's Home, 2020, Hover for alternate image


Bulldog, 2018, Click image for more shots

About Me

I decided to teach myself about art at age 25. I had never even drawn before. I thought it was impossible. I thought you needed talent, that artistic skill is something you had to be born with. But I did decide to try.

Since then, art has been my daily practice and my path to mastery. I've gone through hundreds of courses from the best in the industry. Through learning about art, I've learned so much about learning itself, managing complexity, discipline, grit, execution - what it takes to do hard things & realizing that nothing is impossible with the correct strategy, mindset and discipline.

I love everything about art and design. They are a perpetual challenge. Nothing is ever easy and you always get humbled if you think you're winning. Every day is an attempt to get better than the day before. I love the creativity inherent in the entire process of design, from choosing the right tools, to combining software, to the execution and meaning that can be infused in a piece.

It is my ambition now to develop a depth of understanding of artistic and design principles and combine them with all the various tools available to artists today - from drawing and painting, to photobashing, 3D, Sculpting & VR. I also share a lot of my artistic journey on my YouTube channel, hoping to spread the ideas and mindset that have helped me not only improve my art, but also my entire life.

I currently work freelance as a Concept Artist, Designer & Illustrator out of the UK - please get in touch if there is anything I can help with
One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.
- Leonardo da Vinci

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