March 28, 2016

Learn Squared Term 2 – Big Notes and Insights From All Courses With Jingna Zhang, Maciej Kuciara, Jama Jurabaev and Ash Thorp – All 8 Weeks

Term 2 for Learn Squared has started, I’m sure a lot of people are curious about the courses or are wondering which ones to take. I’m taking all 4 courses again and sharing the notes so even if you can’t […]
January 10, 2016

Why Going Down the Wrong Path Is The Right Thing To Do

Many of us are stuck in perfectionist mode. I know that feeling all too well. I’m a perfectionist. I used to think that’s a feature. I used to think that’s good, to accept nothing but perfection. I remember years ago […]
August 16, 2014

Becoming a self-taught artist – It doesn’t matter where you start

Some motivation and encouragement for those wondering if it’s possible for them to learn to paint and draw. Forget about your fear and your doubts and just get to work. My first experience with drawing was at an age when […]
June 8, 2014

Painting a Master Study – 45 Hours in 45 Minutes – Tutorial

This master study after Jean-Leon Gerome’s “Diogenes” was filmed over 20 days, took roughly 45 hours and was compressed to 45 minutes. It’s narrated with my thoughts on the process and painting in general. I recorded this video 10 months […]
February 6, 2014
5 Day Car Challenge Perspective Construction

5 Day Car Challenge – Perspective Drawing

I spent all of January studying perspective. I go back to basics the beginning of every year. There were definitely many, many things I didn’t understand. I understood perspective intellectually, but I wasn’t able to utilize that knowledge, I had […]
January 9, 2014
Apollo - God of Knowledge

The Key Behind Progress and Learning

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember I do and I understand” – Confucius A lesson is not learned when you can recite its contents word for word, or when you receive an A in school or […]
December 28, 2013
Mastery Calendar

The Road to 10 000 Hours

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” – Pearson’s Law. You might have heard of the “Don’t Break the Chain” calendars, where for each day of work you get […]
December 15, 2013

Your disadvantages are your greatest assets

There are countless stories of the most unlikely and disadvantaged people becoming successful at what they wanted to do. There are athletes with no limbs, deaf musicians, blind painters, motivational speakers and humanitarians with the bleakest life stories imaginable. Any […]
December 4, 2013


This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve been learning over and over while on my journey. Patience not as in passively waiting for all of your gifts to arrive on Christmas morning, but instead spending the time needed on […]
November 28, 2013

How dreams are buried

I met a man today and asked him what his dream was. So he told me. He told me about the things he wants to do. He told me how great it would be to be able to do this […]
October 8, 2013
The Torments of Time

The Torments of Time

A new painting and a post along with it. Time has definitely been weighing heavily  on my mind lately. It seems that no matter what you decide to do, it’ll take about 5 times longer than anticipated, I think that’s a […]
September 17, 2013

Keep your dream alive

  Yes, I disappeared for some time. Yes, I’ve been gone for more time than I’ve actually been here. But I haven’t stopped working. Not for a single day. To be honest with you, I wasn’t happy with my work, […]
June 17, 2013
learning about art

What can you expect if you’re just starting on your journey?

Alright, so you’ve got some pencils, maybe you even scribbled around on a few pieces of paper, wondering exactly what’s supposed to happen, maybe you have some ideas about what you’d like to express, but no idea how to `get […]
June 13, 2013
Beginning to Draw at 22

So how do you teach yourself something you know nothing about?

This question sounds like a koan, a buddhist riddle, something that seems like it has no answer or like it’s absurd, for me though, this is the question I had to ask myself when I was staring at a piece […]
June 12, 2013
being self-taught

My Story & Being Self-Taught

I drew this when I was 22. Having never even thought about art until I was that age, it seemed like the perfect thing to try to do professionally. With only 2 years of university left, doing a degree related […]