The one thing that will make you a better artist
The One Thing That Will Make You a Better Artist
November 8, 2015
Learn Squared Term 2 – Big Notes and Insights From All Courses With Jingna Zhang, Maciej Kuciara, Jama Jurabaev and Ash Thorp – All 8 Weeks
March 28, 2016

Many of us are stuck in perfectionist mode. I know that feeling all too well. I’m a perfectionist. I used to think that’s a feature. I used to think that’s good, to accept nothing but perfection. I remember years ago I even put it on a CV. The people reading it should have ran away from it like the plague. Why? Because perfectionism is a crippling disease. It makes you over-emphasise the importance of absolutely every single minute detail, to the point that you can never finish and you will also most likely end up with a bad product, because you will spend way too much time on things that aren’t important and you will never get to the things that really are.

I get asked very often – What exactly are the things I should do? I feel like I’m wasting time if I’m not sure if my studies are really productive. I don’t want to go down the wrong path, I only want to do the right things. Rotted in this mindset is perfectionism. I can feel myself asking these same questions and I can also feel the crippling feeling of hopelessness, since you’re doubting if your work is effective, which then leads you to doubt your very best efforts. Since even if you do work a lot – you might just be doing the wrong things, so then why even bother at all? The logic is impeccable and venomous at the same time.

This video is for everyone out there that can’t persist in their efforts because they are never sure if they’re doing the right thing. It’s also for the people that can’t even begin, because they’re paralysed by all the possibilities and choices and as a consequence – never start. It’s also for the people with a fixed mindset, who think that a failure will be so painful they couldn’t possibly recover and will avoid doing anything they’re not 100% certain about. Josh Waitzkin calls that the “hermit crab”. At crucial times in its life, the hermit crab must abandon the safety of its shell as it outgrows it and quickly search for a new shell, exposing its soft body to all the predators lurking constantly around it. If the crab fails, we all know what happens. If it succeeds – it can grow in its new shell. When people decide that they can’t abandon their shell, they get stuck into a container that they’ve long outgrown.

Watch it to the end – this will inspire you, I promise.


  1. Max says:

    Thank you, man.
    I really needed something like this!

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